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It has now come to light that the Rajapakse regime criminals with the white van who were for the first time caught by the people and handed over to the Wellampitiya police comprised two Captains, a Lieutenant and a Corporal. These criminals associated with the raging white van murder syndrome had been freed from the police custody unlawfully and taken away by Western zone seiner DIG Anura Senanayake who had arrived at the police station early morning at about 4.40 yesterday . Anything of this most lawless Idi Amin style operation had not been recorded in the police registers.

Lanka e news wishes give details of these four white Van criminals ; they are :

1. Army Captain Jayasena Saluge Sampath Pushpa Kumara
2. Army Captain Wijekoon Mudiyansalage Chaminda Wijekoon
3. Army Lieutenant Thal Arambalage Gedera Dhanushka Dineth Wijetunge
4. Army Corporal Sinhabahu Mudiyansalage Saman Kumarasinghe.

A civilian has been the driver of the white Van No. W P CC 8649 . His name is Samaratunge Mudiyansalage Samaratunge. This is a vehicle that had been acquired by the Govt.

These four Army officers are attached to the Army Headquarters , Colombo without any specific duties. Recently they have been transferred to the 13th Corps of the Vavuniya Army Headquarters. However , they perform their duties following instructions from the Army Headquarters , Colombo. These criminal white Van operations are carried out under Army chief of staff division, Director General , Major Gen. Jagath Alwis following directives from President Rajapakse and defense Secretary Gotabaya . Lanka e news exposed these details in its article on the 10th of January 2012 under the caption ‘ operators of the new white van culture and dimension exposed’ (http://www.lankaenews.com/English/news.php?id=12605)

The photographs and video clips of the four murderers associated with the white van who were for the first time caught by the people and handed over to the Wellampitiya police are now in the possession of Lanka e news.

The Mayor of Kolonnawa UC , Raveendra Udaya Shantha who was lucky enough to escape in the white Van abduction attempt explained to Lanka e News how the white Van criminals were surrounded by the people and handed over to the police…..

‘ It is the same group that murdered my younger brother who came to murder me yesterday. I had started a sports society , and we assembled at the ground to discuss the Society’s three months progress. As the enemies of mine , the Kodagoda’s came to the ground , I became suspicious. At the same time I heard the white van has also arrived.
They were there from 4.00 p.m. We too were watchful. At about 6.00 we were surrounded. I phoned the Wellampitiya police and said , that like how my brother was abducted , the white van has arrived and is trying to abduct me. The van tried to take off when the police was coming. There were 4 individuals in the Van. When our people were surrounding them , one of them shot at me. I also shot with the official pistol in my possession. One of them fled and escaped . Those in the van were caught. Later , when they were given two or three fist shots after putting them on the ground , they screamed ‘ we are from the Army’. A person who had seen the abduction of my brother came and identified one of the culprits, saying, this culprit was there when my brother was abducted. Later they were handed over to the police. But now , according to information received from the police station, the criminals have been forcibly taken away by police personnel. My life is in grave danger right now ’, the Kolonnawa UC Mayor said with apprehension.

After these murderers were handed over to the Sub Inspector Lakmal of the Wellampitiya police, ASP Soysa and SSP P.S. .C. D Silva of Nugegoda police zone have appeared at the Wellampitiya station and tried to get the criminals released. An army truck too had come over there . The people who had surrounded the police had disallowed the criminals from being removed from the station. However , after the large crowds had gone away at about 1.00 to 2.00 in the dead of night , Anura Senanayake . DIG of the western zone had arrived at the police station at about 4.40 in the early morning , got the suspects released and taken them away.
Although the police should have recorded in its daily record of the criminals handed over by the people , no such entries have been recorded.. When criminals who have attempted to commit murder are handed over by the people to the police , under the criminal procedure code , they should be arrested by the police for heinous crimes.

It is a grave crime coming under section 21. Hence , despite the seriousness of the crime , the police making no record in its books is a very serious offence illustrating the raging lawlessness in the country.  
The Rajapakse regime that has by now acquired a notoriety for its lawless culture , had released these murderers from police custody unlawfully , and has even gone so far as to transfer the Wellampitiya station OIC S. .A. R. Samaranayake to the field police headquarters with immediate effect.

The following weapons and goods were found within the white Van…..

Two T 56 weapons
Three Browning pistols made in Czechoslavakia
Two Cans mortein mosquito sprays.
5 personal clothes bags
6 ration packets – food packets which can be kept for sometime without getting spoilt issued by the Army.
One 3 ½ feet long iron rod
A bottle containing a yellow colored powder – the powder type is not known.
Two spray cans without labels ( its contents are not known)
Two pointed knives
A pillow
A special walkie talkies used by the army
5 mobile phones
Two display boards those of the Army and ‘yudha hamudha’(in Sinhala)
9 strips of white and ash colored cloths.
2 pairs of rubber slippers
Two pairs of socks
4 bogus number plates.

These criminals have told the police that they are a group apprehending army deserters , and are enjoying full support and patronage of the defense Minsitry. May we point out , in case the defense Ministry is ignorant of the law , that it is the military police who should apprehend army deserters and not illicit army groups.

No matter what , these criminals guilty of heinous crimes had been freed from the police without caring two hoots for the sacrosanct laws of the country by the police higher ups themselves reminiscent of the days of the brutal reign of Idi Amin, the former Uganda Dictator. Mahinda Rajapakse , a byword for lawlessness had very often been described as Idi Amin reincarnation both for his looks and criminalities.

Hitherto , it was not known for sure who were those truly behind the white van abductions and crimes committed with absolute impunity. Now , with clear and cogent evidence it has been proved beyond any trace of doubt the criminal pair behind are, the President Rajapakse himself and his brother Gotabaya Rajapakse who are the authors , orchestrators and perpetrators of these ghastly and ruthless murders and abductions . It is very unfortunate that the President who had been elected democratically on the votes of the people , and who made grandiloquent promises to uphold democracy and law , after being ably supported by his murderous brother Gota had been targeting innocent civilians for their summary executions.

The partners in crimes , the brothers , Mahinda Rajapakse and Gotabaya Rajapkse by scheming to kill their own Govt. representative of the people – the Kolonnawa UC Mayor , had demonstrated to the people they are cold blooded murderers directly responsible for all the countless murders and abductions so far involving the white van.

The whole world has been made known that Sri Lanka is a country that is being ruled by two murderers and not one , thereby surpassing even Idi Amin who murdered solo sans partners .

(Readers can view the video footage taken when the criminals were in police custody by clicking on the red button on the left side or use this URL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgn0k-V31Q0&feature=youtu.be&noredirect=1

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