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31 year old ICRC Worker and his mother killed by Sri Lankan Army Shelling on 13th May 2009 PDF Print E-mail
31 year old ICRC Worker and his mother has been killed by Sri Lankan Army Shelling on 13th May 2009 sources inside so called safety-zone told War Without Witness. He was working as a water technician and he is the third ICRC employee to be killed in the zone in recent weeks due to Sri Lankan Army attacks.

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Caritas Aid Worker killed in Sri Lankan Army Shell attack, Director Wounded two weeks ago PDF Print E-mail

Caritas Aid Worker "Raj" Antonipillai Uthayaraj was killed in Sri Lankan Army Shell attack and two weeks ago, the local Caritas director, Father T. R. Vasanthaseelan, was seriously injured in the zone, local eye witness told War Without Witness.

Photo provided by Local EyeWitness - "Raj" Anthonipillai Uthayaraj - 26

Sri Lankan District Magistrate’s Court confirms 30 starvation deaths inside UN Sponsored Sri Lankan Dentntion Camps PDF Print E-mail

A Sri Lankan District Magistrate’s Court has confirmed on 27th April 2009 that more than 30 starvation deaths of elders ( more than 60 years old ) inside UN Sponsored Sri Lankan Dentntion Camps. Vavuniya District Justice A. K. Alexraja says "From the observations in the mortuary – in the hospital, from the examinations done in front of me and upon the report reasoning, lead me to conclude that the death was caused by starvation. As up to date there were 30 cases, the senior citizens have passed away due to the starvation & malnutrition and without any special care for the senior citizens. As like the same there are more than five deaths on daily basis in the internally displaced peoples’ welfare canters due to starvation and malnutrition. Yesterday alone there were 14 death of elders registered. Today registered 14 deaths of senior citizens in the Chittikulam welfare centre." Human Rights Organisation or Media who wish to speak to Justice A. K. Alexraja please contact 'War Without Witness'. Justice A. K. Alexraja also ordered the release all the tamil civilians over 60 years from UN sponsored Sri Lankan detention camps.

12th May : Bloodbath continues, Sri Lankan Army attacked Mullivaaikkaal Hospital more than 50 killed PDF Print E-mail

42 Photos added from Massacre Site
Sri Lankan Army today fired artillery shells at Mullivaaikkaal make-shift hospital killing more than 50 tamil civilians and patients around 8:00 a.m. local time hospital sources said. More than 50 patients sustained serious injuries in the attack on this makeshift hospital at Mullivaaikkaal inside the so called 'safe-zone'. Hospital  Administrative Officer K. Tharmakulasingam was killed in this massacre.

More than 2500 Tamil Civlians killed inside safe-zone in 24 Hours by Sri Lankan Army with direct orders from Gotapaya Rajapaksa PDF Print E-mail
More than 2,500 Tamil Civlians including many mothers and children have been killed inside safe-zone in 24 hours ( 9th May night and 10th May morning ) by Sri Lankan Army medical sources inside the 'safe-zone' said via phone to War Without Witness. Sources inside Sri Lankan Army confirmed to War Without Witnesss that these orders came direct from Sri Lankan Defence Secretary Gotapaya Rajapaksa who is one of the brother of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa. The exact number of the killed and injured is yet to be ascertained as many of the dead bodies are inside bunkers or tarpaulin tents.
International Partners for Sri Lankan Genocidal War praised by Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence PDF Print E-mail

Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence in a press release issued today, praised its International Partners who have supported its Genocidal War against minority tamils and named them. They are,
- India , Pakistan , China, Russia, Pakistan, Japan, Iran, Libya, Vietnam, Mid-East, African and Southeast Asian countries

UN Leaked - UNOSAT satellite imagery analysis implicates Sri Lankan Government of War Crimes PDF Print E-mail

UN Leaked - UNOSAT satellite imagery analysis implicates Sri Lankan Government of War Crimes - Use of Heavy Weapons on Tamil Civilians Confirmed
Click here to Download Full Report

"..Within the northern and southern sections of the Civilian Safe Zone (CSZ), there are new indications of building destruction and damages resulting from shelling and possible air strikes. This analysis was conducted with a time series of very high resolution satellite imagery
from 5 February to 19 April 2009. .."
"..1. Putumattalan: Three permanent buildings have been destroyed between 29 March and 19 April, bringing the total for the northern section of the CSZ to six destroyed since 15 March. There are potentially large amounts of moderate to severe damages to the
remaining permanent buildings in this area..."

WWW Situation Report 26th April 2009 - News leaked by UN Official and Health Ministry Official in Sri Lanka PDF Print E-mail
Sheds made from tin sheets (uncoated) in the camps set up Tamils from the Wanni at Vavuniya are proving a hell on earth for the inmates held there. The terrain in Vavuniya is such that tin sheets are the least suitable for the location. They turn out to be veritable ovens under the tropical sun. The fact that inmates have re remain cooped up within with no freedom of movement means that they have to suffer it with untold consequences. The need for drinking water is exacerbated, not to mention the debilitating impact on the general health of the inmates. The simple alternative of palm leaves for thatching has been ruled out, though freely available.
SOS Alert - More than 26,184 Tamils feared disappeared/unaccounted for during Sri Lankan Army’s 04 Day (20th to 24th April 2009) Military Operation in Vanni PDF Print E-mail
For Immediate Release | 25th April 2009
Full copy of Report
More than 26,184 Tamils feared disappeared/unaccounted for during Sri Lankan Army’s 04 Day (20th to 24th April 2009) Military Operation in VanniBased on publicly available statistics of ethnic minority Tamil civilians who have come out of so-called safe zone in Vanni and a leaked UN OCHA Sri Lanka estimate on Vanni Tamil Civilians in Transit at “Omanthai and Out of No Fire Zone area”, War Without Witness fears that more than 26,184 Tamils have disappeared or have not been accounted for during the Sri Lankan Army’s 04 Day   Military Operation in Vanni from 20th to 24th April 2009. Sri Lankan Army currently operates publicly declared Detention Camps in 45 locations ( Annex 02 - UN is currently working with and funding detention camps in violation of international humanitarian law) and more than 10 classified screening or interrogation camps manned by Sri Lankan Military Intelligence in Vanni, for which none of the UN agencies or ICRC have access to.
14 UN Staff detained behind barbed wires in Sri Lanka – UN lost control over War Savvy Sri Lankan Government PDF Print E-mail

Independent investigations completed by War Without Witness confirms the below,
  • 14 UN Staff are currently detained in Sri Lankan Government barbed wire detention camps in Vavuniya  for more than 2 months ( ~ since 20th Feb 2009 )

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